In Ikonikus each card represents an emotionwith several interpretations
  • Ikonikus

    How do you feel in the dentist's chair? How would you feel if you drop your mobile in the toilet? Would you be able to answer these questions using symbols instead of words?
    In Ikonikus each card contains only one symbol, but their interpretations are endless because they depend on the context and on your own point of view.
    Ikonikus is a fun game where you have to develop all your empathy and put yourself in the place of other players to guess what they feel in every situation.

    BEST GAME OF THE YEAR LiteraJuegos 2014
    • Once we started playing we laughed a lot. We would think of absurd and crazy questions and the associations between the icons and the questions were most surreal, like the explanations of why we chose that icon.
      El papá de Joan Petit, Papá y sus cosas.
    • Very simple, but the laughs are assured with the questions that will occur to people and with the interpretations of the answers.
      Julián Roas, Jugamos Una.
    • Ikonikus has frankly been a great discovery. The only drawback we found is that it is highly addictive!!
      Juegos y Dados
    • The game Ikonikus is painfully funny. Enrique Castillo, Éxito y Error.
    How do I feel...

    ... When I'm surfing the internet and suddenly it stops working? ... When I have to shower with cold water? ... When I find a lot of money in an old pair of trousers?
    150 Sample Questions

    How would I feel...

    ... If someone spills his drink on my computer? ... If I win the lottery jackpot? ... If I'm on the beach and a wave removes my swimsuit? ... If I find a fingernail in my soup?
    150 Sample Questions

    • The truth is that Ikonikus has convinced me as a tool and it has generated curiosity and willingness to try games in class. It is very rewarding to see you students enjoying and sharing complicity glances as they express their emotions.
      Alejandro Tinoco, Clic.
    • Ikonikus has tremendous possibilities!
      Fernando Trujillo

    ¿Cómo me siento...

    ... When I need to go to the bathroom urgently and it’s engaged? ... Just before starting an exam? ... When I start my holidays? ... When I think about how the country is doing?
    150 Sample Questions

    • The drawings in the cards are very funny and well designed and it's amazing how each person interprets them.
      Manu Cervello, Agile Mood.
    • At Nexo we call it "The Game of Empathy", perfect for emotional intelligence.
      Nexo Educativo
    • The laughs are guaranteed and you will know better yet, your friends ;-)
      Enrique Márquez

    How would I feel...

    ... If the doctor forbids me to eat and drink all the things I like? ... If I get a salary raise? ... If a neighbour asks me to take care of his pet and it escapes? ... If my boss catches me bad mouthing him?
    150 Sample Questions

    • The game that they enjoyed the most was Ikonikus. Students laughed a lot watching the wild responses and even out of place of some comments of their classmates.
      Connectats a l’Eixample
    • We played Ikonikus with children 5 and 7 years old this weekend and we were surprised with the questions they asked.
      Ana Belén Domínguez
    • Small GREAT GAME!
      Mami Meeple
In Mix It you will have to build your own monsterbefore anyone else
  • Our goal is to build a monster that is exactly the same as the one shown in our Secret Objective card: same eyes, same mouth, and same legs. The problem is that we are all share the same laboratory and that we only have space to build up to 2 MONSTERS.
    This is total chaos! Players never stop adding new parts and moving them from one monster to another.
    • Content: 55 monstrous cards
    • Duration: 10 minutes
    • Age: 5 to 99 years
    • An extremely fun strategic game that has triumphed everywhere we have taken it!!! The truth is that we think it’s a great game, with a very affordable price and worth having at home because it is one of those games that you always come to play!
      Òscar Garcia, Bloc de Pares.
    • Fast, easy, and fun for the whole family. Visually appealing. Those who pass by stop to see what you're doing.
      Hypeman, 1dd4.
    • This #MixIt is wonderful
      Enrique Castillo, Éxito y Error.
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